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Flood Flaps Engineered Flood Vents...

Why buy expensive stainless steel models that require annual maintenance?
Advantages of Flood Flaps:
• Building Code, FEMA and NFIP compliant 
• Affordability 
• Can help reduce flood insurance premiums
• 220 sq. feet of coverage per vent, more than other ICC vents 
• Durable, rust resistant materials
• No annual preventative maintenance requirements 
• Energy efficient | Air tight
• 2015 International Energy Conservation Code
• Simple to install, perfect for retro-fit applications
• Clean handsome exterior look
• Interior trim accessory available
• Perfect for commercial applications as well
• Available in multiple colors 
• Custom configurations for larger applications available
New Overhead Garage Door Models


Unmatched Value  \  Superior Performance
Flood Flaps Videos
Below are video links showing how well Flood Flaps flood vent products perform under testing...
Flood Flaps Air Leakage Testing Video
Flood Flaps Water Testing Video
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