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ALLOW AIR TO CIRCULATE - Flood Flaps Multi-Purpose Flood Vents

Flood Flaps® Multi-Purpose Series vents are FEMA compliant flood vents certified to provide flood protection and air ventilation, or air circulation. These models are perfectly designed for an enclosure or crawlspace in a flood plain that desires natural air while still providing efficient flood relief when necessary. The patented grill remains closed and secure until forced open by flood waters, allowing water to enter or exit the enclosed area. These automatic foundation flood vents are also FEMA/NFIP compliant. Flood Flaps Multi-Purpose Series flood vents are the most affordable ICC-ES certified flood vents available and perfect for owners looking to bring their existing structure or new construction into flood code compliance. Unmatched ICC-ES certified, engineered FEMA compliant flood vents covering 220 sq. ft. for far less cost.Unmatched Value!

Multiple Vent Depths Available!

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