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Flood Flaps Multi-Purpose Flood Vent 5" Depth with Exterior Trim Flange WHITE (Dimensions 15 5/8” W x 7 3/4” H x 5” D)

FFNF05TF-W Flood Flaps Multi-Purpose 5" WHITE

  • Color: White

    Product Dimensions: 15 5/8” W x 7 3/4” H x 5” D
    Required Rough Opening: 16” W x 8” H
    Enclosed Coverage Area: 220 square feet
    Common Installation Type: Wood stud wall or Block or Masonry
    FEMA & NFIP Compliant 

    Flood Flaps products are designed to provide efficient relief from hydrostatic water pressure resulting from rising flood waters. As the water pressure increases, it forces the flood vent's grill and rubber flaps (Sealed Series models) to disengage from their secure positions and swing in either direction, allowing water and debris to flow in or out of the flood opening.

    All of Flood Flaps ICC-ES evaluated flood vents cover 220 sq. ft. of enclosed area. Each flood vent is constructed of UV enhanced, durable, engineered ABS plastic that has undergone 2,000 hours of scientific lab testing, ensuring its durability and sustainability, along with a providing a handsome, clean finished look on the exterior. 

    Additional benefits include:

    • Code, FEMA and FL Building Product compliant (ESR-3560) 
    • Affordability 
    • Can help reduce flood insurance premiums by providing additional coverage
    • 220 sq. feet of coverage per vent 
    • Durable, rust resistant materials
    • No preventative maintenance requirements 
    • Energy efficient | Air tight (Sealed Series Models)
    • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (Sealed Series Models)
    • Simple to install, perfect for retro-fit applications
    • Clean finished exterior look
    • Interior trim accessory available
    • Perfect for commercial applications as well
    • Available in multiple colors 
    • Custom configurations for larger applications available

  • Any items returned that meet customer specifications, will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. 

    Custom configured items will not be accepted for returns. 

    Any sales, use or excise taxes levied to the material by any governmental authority shall be the responsibility of the buyer.

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